Meet Jordana Suriel

This summer the Literate Earth Project (LEP) is thrilled to be joined by three volunteers and Program Specialists who will be supporting and observing our operations in Uganda. We’d like to take some time to introduce you to these individuals and learn about their motivations in joining LEP for the summer.


Jordana Suriel is a first generation rising Junior at Skidmore College in upstate New York. Jordana is majoring in Sociology with a minor in Education Studies and Latin American Studies. She enjoys drawing, photography, learning about other cultures and tasting different foods.Jordana first learned about the Literate Earth Project through a friend from college who volunteered in the summer of 2018.

During her time abroad, Jordana hopes to learn about Uganda’s culture and people. “I want to integrate myself fully to the experiences with LEP. I want the feel as if I am their friend rather than someone who is there to ‘change their lives.’ Changing their lives is not my intention nor it’s what I expect.”

While Jordana has experience working with nonprofits in the United States, she hopes to expand her knowledge on how nonprofit works internationally. “I have been involved in nonprofit work for a few years and I want to learn about the differences between how nonprofit works in Uganda in contrast to New York City. I would like to be challenged and be able to connect the experiences I gain to my sociology courses.”

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