Meet Davianna Edwards

This summer the Literate Earth Project (LEP) is thrilled to be joined by three volunteers and Program Specialists who will be supporting and observing our operations in Uganda. We’d like to take some time to introduce you to these individuals and learn about their motivations in joining LEP for the summer.


Davianna Edwards is a rising junior at Skidmore College, where she is a social work and French double major. Davianna has lived in Brooklyn for most of her life and loves music, art, theatre, dance and cooking.

Davianna learned about the Literate Earth Project earlier this year when LEP Founder and CEO Jeff Fonda visited Skidmore College and gave a presentation about the organization and its mission. “I attended the presentation after seeing posters about the program on the walls near the Early Childhood  Center where I work. I was really interested in participating and thought it would be the perfect way to spend my summer.”, Davianna says.

Davianna believes that by working with Literate Earth Project she will have the opportunity to explore concepts she has learned in social work and get some experience working with a nonprofit organization. “I would love to learn more about the culture and people in Uganda and become a part of the community at KAASO. I believe it is a privilege to experience living in a non-western country and having that experience will give me new perspectives on life and help me become more aware of the experiences of other individuals.” Davianna says, “I hope that working with LEP will be a mutually beneficial learning experience for me as well as the community at KAASO.”

This summer will be Davianna’s first time working with a non-profit organization. While she doesn’t have any specific plans at the moment, she knows that I would like to be more involved with nonprofits in the future.

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