Meet Sauda Nakasinde

Meet Sauda Nakasinde, Senior Project Manager for the Literate Earth Project. Sauda has been with LEP since October of 2014, coordinating operations within Uganda and deepening our relationships with local stakeholders.


What made you interested in the Literate Earth Project?

After graduating with a bachelor's degree in library and information science, I was anxious to exercise what I had learned - LEP sounded like the perfect opportunity. With ignorance transpiring in Uganda from generation to generation, I always felt like I should do something about it, but I didn't know how. When LEP came in to give me that chance to bring about a positive change, I grabbed it.

What do you enjoy about working with the Literate Earth Project?

I enjoy working with LEP mainly because it has opened my doors to emotional, economic and social progress with each passing day. It has also exposed me to the world of leadership, and the clear understanding of childrens' interests. This has helped me to improve on my sense of humor and learn how to believe in myself and appreciate where I come from.

What opportunities have you gained through your work at LEP?

Working with LEP has given me an opportunity to meet with some of the most valuable people in my country, like the vice-president of Uganda who was the guest of honour at one of our library’s grand openings. I have also been able to meet with many education officers and leaders from different districts.

When it comes to skills and events, LEP has helped me to improve my communication skills, build on my self esteem and confidence, and work on my public speaking skills, as I give a speech on behalf of LEP during each library opening ceremony. I have also learned how to motivate myself and work well with little supervision.

With LEP, I have also managed to fulfill my love for adventure while carrying out my work. I can travel to different parts of the country which is so amazing. It has finally helped me to understand that despite the fact that we are all Ugandans, we are not the same. Some are more privileged so extending a helping hand is not bad which has greatly inspired me in to working on my attitude and perception of things at large.

Why do you believe in the Literate Earth Project’s mission?

I believe in LEP's mission because I believe it is the right path to fighting ignorance in my country and bringing about a positive change in all aspects of life. Whether this change is political, social, or economic, we believe it will start with the younger generation and their ability to become literate members of society. I also believe in LEP's mission because it’s the only way of empowering children in Uganda and opening up their minds to the bigger opportunities in this world of exploring and exposure.