Our Partners

Following the opening of our first library, we learned to become more efficient than ever. We are now able to open a fully functional library at a cost of just $1,597. This progress could not have been made without the help of our partners, whose contributions are vital to The Literate Earth Project's success.

Books for Africa

Our partnership with Books For Africa is the cornerstone of our organization. They accept, sort and ship books on our behalf. They deal with the logistics of getting our books to port so we can focus on what we do best: opening libraries.

Room to Read

Room to Read has unofficially advised us since we first discovered their organization in 2014. John Wood has built an organization in which contacts are made and kept on a regular basis (an almost unheard of standard in the nonprofit world...we know from experience). Even when they are busy opening dozens of libraries every day, they take the time to help guide new organizations following in their footsteps.

Belltower Books

Belltower Books, one of the largest buyers and sellers of used textbooks in the US, was the first company to invest in The Literate Earth Project. As an employer of founder Jeff Fonda, the company got behind the mission of The Literate Earth Project and has donated thousands of dollars to help improve literacy and access to books.


The Government of Uganda

We can't say enough about the support we've received from the Ugandan Government. Vice President Edward Ssekandi has met with The Literate Earth Project board members and sent directives to spur support from all agencies when needed. Navigating a new country becomes much easier when you have experienced partner. Joseph, Lukwago, the Private Secretary to the Vice President, has been our conduit to the government since we first crossed paths with him in 2014. He has single-handedly advanced the the the reach of our organization and we expect he will continue to do so for years to come.

Rotary International

Rotary International has enabled us to widen our network and bring in new, and talented work. In addition, it acts as a large funding base, matching 50% of funds raised by a specific club. As fellow Rotarians, Jeff and Alexandria are open for scheduling speaking  events at various clubs across the country and welcome any fundraiser in The Literate Earth Project's name to support getting books into the hands of those who need them most.

pangea logo 2.png

Pangea Educational Development

Pangea Educational Development (PED) is dedicated to empowering schools and unifying communities through sustainable education. PED’s continually developing partnership started in 2017 with LEP providing books for a teacher training facility and PED providing insights into how they support teachers. Since then, it has expanded with 2018 seeing our two organizations partner on a mobile library project at the Imvepi Refugee Camp in Uganda, one of the largest such camps in the world.

Become a Partner

Whether it's funding or some other support, we're always looking for new partners. Please fill out the form below if interested. Specifically, we would love to partner with an arts supplies company or organization. As there are few books in the places where we work, art supplies are virtually non-existent. We've brought them from time to time and the reaction and excitement is palpable.  We'd love to see more of that from a partner.

Literacy unlocks the capacity of individuals to imagine and create a more fulfilling future. It opens the way to greater justice, equality and progress. Literacy can help societies heal, advance political processes and contribute to the common good.
— Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations